Modern Banking in 1500 Microservices

I had the privilege of representing Monzo again at QCon London 2020 by giving a talk on the FinTech track.

The talk went into how we operate Monzo’s platform and how it’s evolved into an architecture with 1,500 microservices. We also discuss what we really mean by microservices and how they are shaped and formed. Consistency in tooling and deployment approaches as well as core things like alerts and dashboards is key.

We discuss the organisational flexibility we gain as a result and our ability to move fast whilst reducing risk by deploying small, incremental changes with a well-defined API interface.

The talk slides can be found on the QCon London 2020 website.

I also participated in a panel discussion about how a microservices architecture can be beneficial and the tradeoffs made in their design.

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