Hello, my name is Suhail

I'm a software engineer focused on designing and operating distributed systems.

Currently I work at Monzo 🏦 as a Staff Engineer. I work with Go, Kubernetes, Envoy Proxy, Etcd, Cassandra and more. I focus on keeping the systems reliable and correct.

Previously, I was at Citymapper 🚂 helping make Public Transit in cities usable. I worked on integrating real-time departures, multimodal routing, search as well as evolving the backend infrastructure underpinning everything.

You can follow me on Twitter or send me an email. I'm also on GitHub.

I'm interested in hearing about roles related to designing distributed systems at scale. If you think i'd be a good fit, check out my CV/Résumé (no external recruiters please).


I like to write about performance, reliability and hard problems I may have come across on my day to day.

Recent Talks / Public Speaking

I love speaking at meetups / conferences about the cool things I get to work on. Here's a list of recent talks i've given with links to the recordings.